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Cox & Kings Global Services has adopted state of the art technology to implement cutting-edge process to render seamless services to diplomatic missions. Thus enabling us to fulfil the imperative need to extend our scope through specific technological solutions. We are extremely sensitive to our client's concerns of security and protection of data. As our core competency, we are well placed to address the need of information security and data protection while focusing and addressing the concerns regarding security, integrity, seamless processes and efficacy of the outsourced solution of the business.

The foundation of our strengths is built on Competitive telecommunication, well-developed technology and a team with high level of IT proficiency. The wide span of our expertise across myriad technologies and platforms enables us to handle all kind of IT requirement in present and future environments. We possess excellent domain knowledge and experience in providing technical solutions to diplomatic missions. Our Level 1 Technical Support leverages benefit of our robust infrastructure and our technical and IT expertise. Our application consists of a Comprehensive Base System that can be quickly configured as per the unique and customised requirement of the mission. Therefore, obviating the need to develop a new system from scratch whenever any mission outsources services to Cox & Kings Global services. Each mission in the country of deployment will include individual hardware and database servers to host and access the application and the data generated there off, thus ensuring complete data security.


Being patrons of the technology ourselves, we possess the capability to cover both the behavioural and physical aspects of biometrics. Our Biometric Solutions solution covers various types of biometric techniques being deployed. Cox & Kings Global Services biometrics data capture process uses fingerprints and photographs as primary biometric identifiers. This is in addition to alphanumeric data on the visa application in order to enable processing with a reliable verification and identification of visa applicants. The system is designed to facilitate; visa-issuing procedure. Our management information system for biometric process facilitates to effectively manage biometric system and its performance such as analysis of risks involved, audit reporting, operational compliance reporting, vulnerability identification, ability to carry out manual data inspection, security surveillance systems and investigation workflow.

We offer to perform biometric data capture strictly under prescribed format which involves installing the biometrics scanners, still cameras for biometrics pictures, biometrics sensor, appropriate background, minimum threshold quality of 99.6%. Biometrics services are rendered by trained and dedicated team, at highly secured biometric booths with transfer data on real time basis and security surveillance recording for every applicant.