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At CKGS, we believe that technology is the key pillar to drive safe, secure, and efficient delivery of services to diplomatic missions. Keeping this in mind, we have adopted state-of-the-art of technology that addresses key areas of information and data protection by focusing on security, integrity, seamless processes, and efficacy of the outsourced solution of the business.

The strength of our technology comes from an expert and proficient team of IT professionals. Our diversified technology experience across various tools and platforms enables us to handle all kinds of Information Technology requirements.

Our competence in IT is built on a foundation of robust infrastructure, backed by comprehensive application systems that can be customized as per specific requirements of each diplomatic mission. This in turn alleviates the need to develop a system from scratch whenever any mission outsources its services to CKGS. Each implementation in the country of deployment will have a provision of individual hardware and database servers to host and access the application and the data generated thereof, thus ensuring complete data security.


Being technology patrons ourselves, we at CKGS possess the capability to cover the behavioral as well as physical aspects of biometrics. The CKGS biometrics data capture process makes use of fingerprints and photographs as primary biometric identifiers. Besides these, additional data is captured from the application forms in order to enable linkage of biometric identifiers to their associated application in a reliable and accurate manner.

CKGS also has in place a management information system for the biometrics process. The system facilitates effective management of the complete process and helps in ‘monitoring and control’ through:
  • Analysis of the risks involved
  • Audit reporting
  • Operational compliance reporting
  • Vulnerability identification
  • Ability to carry out manual data inspection
  • Security surveillance systems
  • Investigation of workflows
CKGS is committed to provide diplomatic missions with secure and comprehensive biometric solutions. Our well-trained teams are fully equipped to set up highly secure biometric booths as per mission requirements. This includes installation of biometrics scanners, still cameras for biometrics pictures, biometrics sensor, appropriate background, and the threshold quality as per acceptable standards. The data is transferred on a real-time basis with security surveillance recording for every applicant.